Volvo VNL Brake Pads Replacement

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Brake Pads Replacement

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Brake pads are the #1 most commonly replaced brake component. According to, aftermarket brake pads demand reached $1.8 billion in 2021. Needless to say, brake pads play a critical role in your vehicle's brake system. Following your OEM guidelines to brake pads replacement will go a long way in saving you time, money and possibly your life!

Brake pads provide the stopping power for your vehicle. Most vehicles have 2 brake pads per wheel. The brake pads live in the brake caliper bracket. When the brake caliper is engaged, it squeezes the brake pads together. In between the brake pads is the brake rotor. When the brake pads are squeezed together, it causes the rotor stop turning. This action creates friction (hence friction material). Brake pad friction material is the most important aspect when purchasing brake pads. Different types of brake pads are designed for different applications. Typically the 3 most commonly types of brake pads are: 

  • Semi-Metallic: Semi-metallic brake pads consist of around 30% to 70% alloy metals such as copper, steel, iron etc. Semi-metallic pads are known to have the best 'bite' but are often quite noisy and emit a lot of brake dust.

  • Ceramic: Ceramic brake pads are made of a ceramic composition (much like that found in pottery). Ceramics have the widest operating temperature range and are the most quiet.

  • Organic: Organic pads are made of materials such as fiberglass, Kevlar fibers and other materials. They are the cheapest option of the other types but generally don't last as long.

Common brake pads symptoms often include:

  • Brake Squeal: If you hear a high pitch squeal or grinding noise when applying the brakes, you're probably in need of new brakes. This squealing noise indicates the friction material is getting low.

  • Excessive Brake Dust: If your wheels are covered in a reddish type of dust, this generally means the brake pad quality on your vehicle isn't the best and should be upgraded to a better grade brake pad.

  • Soft Brake Pedal: Poor brake pedal performance can indicate brakes replacement. However, this symptom is mostly associated with vehicles equipped with drum brakes.

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brake pads replacement katy tx