Honda Accord Brake Pads Replacement

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Driving with out worn out brake pads is unsafe and can cost you a lot of money on unnecessary repairs. If you keep driving your vehicle with worn out pads eventually there won't be anymore friction material left. Once this happens, the metal backing will start to contact the rotor causing severe damage. Showing up in your Honda with worn out brakes just isn't cool. On average, our Honda brake pads replacement costs start at $199 for 2 wheels and $336 for 4 wheels.

Brake pads maintenance is one of the most important aspects of Honda preventative maintenance. Brake pads consist of friction material, a metal backing and noise reducing shims. The friction material is what wears out on brake pads. You typically start with 12mm to 13mm thick friction material. After so many miles of braking, the friction material wears out. Once the friction material reaches around 3mm, it's time for you to replace them. 

Our Honda brake pads replacement is unlike most conventional repair shops. Many other repair shops and mobile services don't offer a full comprehensive brake pads replacement. There's more than just slapping pads on your vehicle and calling it a day. Many simple brake jobs can be botched by not properly lubricating/cleaning the brake caliper guide pins. On sliding brake calipers, guide pins are what the brake caliper uses to slide back and forth on. These must be cleaned, lubricated and new guide pin rubber boots should be installed. 

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